Nepali Film: Nai Nabhannu la 2 (watch full movie)

Cast: Anuvab Regmi, Suyagi Bhattaria, Suraj Singh Thakuri, Priyanka Karki, Saroj Khanal, Sitaram Kattel(Dhurmus), Barsha Shiwakoti, Jiwan Luitel.
Story/Direction: Bikash Aacharya
Music: Basanta Sapkota/Shuresh Gaire

‘Nai Na bhannu La 2’ is a beautiful movie, with beautiful story, related to unpredictable life, full of emotions, affection, love and dreams, a cute romance between a boy and a girl of grade three, presented with perfection, with heart touching & melodious songs

Nepali Film: Jholay (watch full movie)

Jholey Nepali movie, featuring Priyanka Karki and Dayahang Rai

Directed by Dpendra K Khanal, Written by Shan Basnyat and Produced by Teken Khadka.
Cast- Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki, A.gurung, Sisir Rana, Shankar Achrya, Madhav Achrya, Prasant.

Jholay, a socio-crime satire/dark comedy, is a common man’s story who dares to dream and hopes to achieve something bigger and better in life. But as usual life has something different planned for him. Stuck in a strange yet funny circumstances are such dreamers, the three distinctly different individuals leading completely different lives. One is a foreign immigrant worker, other is a small time prostitute and the last one is a weirdo with strange names.